Help for the season.

Your writing is your writing ~ Ashley O.

The most powerful writings are the ones that show vulnerability and raw honesty ~ April J.

Two of my friends said that to me when I shared I was struggling to move on what God put in my heart because of fear of not being good enough and the fact that I’ve missed the “boat” a few times. They’ve championed me, lifted me up in prayer and hammered words of encouragement into my brain. 🙂 We met at a conference less than a month ago and bonded over what God has put in our hearts. I’m excited for their future ministries because I see the seeds God put in them getting ready to burst forth and yield bountiful harvest for the Kingdom. Oh yes, I’m already cheering and rejoicing for them as their ministries will grow for Gods glory.

I was reminded that God will always give you the right people for the season you are in or about to enter in. We sometimes think that our closest family members, leaders, pastors or friends are what we need to accomplish Gods purpose and while that may be true, God can bring new people to hold your hand as you transition from season to season. We don’t always take people with us because God gives you who you need for the right season. Know your season, ask for help and move in obedience while trusting God to lead the way and provide everything needed to accomplish His mission. Do not reject who God is bringing in your life because you don’t know what they will add to it or what your purpose is in their lives and ALWAYS, always be prayerful. Remember the “the thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I (Jesus) came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows] John 10:10” AMP.

Submit to those who are taking the time to pray you through, encourage you and plant seeds of life into your ministry. My sisters (Ashley and April) words spoke volumes to me and I was careful to listen and take to heart their prayers, advise and words of encouragement. I believe as they were standing with me these amazing women were also sowing seeds for their ministries – did I mention I’m super excited for what is coming for them? 🙂

Love you sisters. You are blessings I will always cherish.

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